helpful information & guidance regarding your booking

Booking Policy

Please note that our minimum booking is 1 hour. Our 25-min express or add-on treatments may not be booked as a stand alone treatment.

Cancellation Policy

We ask for a minimum of 2 hours’ notice to make a change to your booking or to cancel a booking. If less than 1 hour's notice is received, you will be charged 100% of the booking fee. If you have further questions, please view our FAQ.

Please also note that if you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs at the time of the booking, we are unable to perform the treatment in accordance with safety and health precautions, and therefore you will be charged 100% of the treatment fee.

Late Evening Service Surcharge

We appreciate the busy nature of our travelling guest’s schedules and endeavour to provide maximum flexibility for our valued clients, however due to the additional physical demands placed on our dedicated therapists performing late evening bookings, we kindly ask for your understanding in applying the following one-off late service additional charges: bookings from 9.30pm, additional surcharge $30; bookings from 10.30pm, additional surcharge $50.

Towel (Draping) Policy

As all of our professional therapists are trained in draping techniques, you may, at the therapist’s discretion, completely disrobe for your treatment, or you may choose to wear either disposable underwear, or your own underwear. You can fully relax during your treatment in the knowledge that professional draping techniques will ensure that your dignity and privacy are maintained at all times.

Please note that if, by agreement with the therapist you choose to disrobe completely, your waist area will remain draped with towels at all times. Draping may be partially removed while massage is being performed to particular areas such as the glutes (buttock) area, but this will only be with your permission and only for the purposes of accessing an area requiring application of deeper massage techniques.

Our therapists are highly dedicated, passionate, skilled professional healers and aestheticians; at no time are you permitted to lie naked on the massage table or remove your towel. Please note that any form of verbal or physical sexual advances towards your massage therapist will cause your booking to immediately cease, with a 100% cancellation fee.