80 mins Value $230, yours for $175

Li'Tya Yirri Facial, Pressure Point Head Massage

Feed your skin with nature’s goodness giving it the ultimate summer super-boost while also experiencing the sublime and gentle relaxation benefits of a pressure point head massage to boost your wellbeing. Combining native Australian botanical ingredients of Tasmanian Kelp, Wild Rosella and Old Man Weed extract the Li’Tya Yirri facial is packed with antioxidants and healing oils that synergistically fight free radical damage and stimulate skin renewal and regeneration. The result is velvety smooth skin, replenished from the harsh effects of the Australian sun. Suitable for all skin types.


80 mins Value $245, yours for $190

Organic Coffee, Cinnamon and Coconut Body Polish, Traditional Balinese or Relaxation Massage

Celebrate summer by enjoying a divinely intoxicating and invigorating Organic Coffee, Cinnamon and Coconut Body Polish, followed by a relaxing traditional Balinese or Swedish Style Relaxation massage featuring uplifting essential oils in the comfort of your home or hotel room.

summer retreat

2hr 50mins Value $480, yours for $395

Bio-Active Tropical Body Polish, Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage, mini-boost Pure JOI Rejuvenation Facial, Spa Manicure or Pedicure

Retreat from the summer heat and enjoy some head to toe pampering designed to heal and restore the skin. First we treat your skin to the healing effects of a Bio-Active Tropical Body Polish enriched with natural plant enzymes to smooth and polish, followed by your choice of a Relaxation or Deep Tissue Massage, and a mini-boost Pure JOI Rejuvenation Facial to heal and replenish skin. Complete your delicious pampering experience with a Spa Manicure or Pedicure.