1 hr 50 mins Value $285, yours for $190

Organic Coffee, Cinnamon and Coconut Body Polish and 80 min Traditional Balinese or Relaxation Massage

Celebrate summer by enjoying a divinely intoxicating and invigorating Organic Coffee, Cinnamon and Coconut Body Polish, followed by a relaxing traditional 80 min Balinese or Swedish Style Relaxation massage featuring uplifting essential oils in the comfort of your home or hotel room.


3 hours Value $450, yours for $375

Li'Tya Mala Mayi Spa Journey and Li'Tya Yirri Facial

Curious about the acclaimed Li'Tya botanicals range? Surrender and unwind with this ultimate Li'Tya body rejuvenation experience. We begin with the simply divine Mala Mayi journey; after an invigorating exfoliation with your choice of Australian desert salts and aromatic oils, your body is cocooned in a warm layer of your chosen silky warm mineral rich body mud infused with healing botanicals. While cocooned, an Aboriginal inspired scalp massage will help you to release any residual cares allowing you to drift away to another realm.

A uniquely grounding 50 min rhythmic Li’Tya Kodo full body massage then perfectly complements your body treatment, before you are invited to sink further into a state of blissful relaxation, with a sumptuous Yirri Facial. Packed with antioxidants and native Australian botanical ingredients including Wild Rosella and Old Man Weed extract that synergistically fight free radical damage and stimulate skin renewal and regeneration, the Yirri Facial will leave your skin velvety smooth and replenished. Suitable for all skin types.